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Following directions is magic!

Ack! I only have twelve minutes to write this post.

1. I discovered today that my students aren’t reading the rubrics when I give them their grades back so they don’t know why they’re losing points. I don’t know why this is surprising since I know they don’t usually read the comments on their papers, but I guess I thought that the rubric would make it easier for them to somehow get what was going on.

2. My students still are not asking questions. I was in a conference with a student and told him something was missing from his paper. Today, during class (a week after the conference), he admitted he didn’t know what I was talking about during the conference. So I asked him why he didn’t ask, and he kind of just shrugged.

didn't follow directions

They always blame me source

3. Based on the former two points, I may try something different: instead of giving students their papers back as they’re leaving class (I mostly do this so I don’t have to hear them cry about their grades–and yes I tell them this), I may have them actually look at the rubric in class and ask questions about things they don’t understand. I will tell them that this is not the place for them to dispute their grade; rather, it’s a way for them to make sure they get what’s happening in the rubric and why they may be losing points on stuff like FORMATTING. I mean, geez.

4. Another student got a B on his last paper and said, “I just followed what was on the paper [assignment sheet] and got a B.” To which I responded, “Oh, you mean you followed directions so your grade improved?”

I mean. This is what I’m dealing with here.

Anyway, I am at that part of the semester when my students’ writing has improved so grading is easier–even if they aren’t always following directions or may still be struggling with some parts of the assignments. But I see the difference and the improvement and that means something I’m doing is working.


#SomethingOnSunday: Grading (!!!) and New Acquaintances

Will I fall asleep before I finish writing this blog post? Maybe! I am super exhausted–probably because of the time change. It could also be because I didn’t take a nap today or that I did so much grading and my brain is tired.

How much grading did I do today? I’m so glad you asked!

I finished an entire class set of papers, and it didn’t suck or even take that long. I don’t know if it’s because the assignment is more straightforward or my rubric is so baller or my students did better. It is probably a combination platter! The point is that I graded today, and it didn’t suck.

(This gif is highly inaccurate by the way, though my students and I both wish it were true.)

So that’s my part one of Something on Sunday.

My part two is that I had brunch with two strangers today because we all have a mutual friend in common, and she knows two of us are relatively new to the area (I’m the newest, obviously), so she emailed us and basically told us all to get together. So we did! And they are officially in my phone with their companies listed as “Friend of S.” Because that is the work.

Brunch was nice. My pancakes were meh, but the company was good. And! I got a little something to send my daughter…which I have to remember to go to the post office so I can do that tomorrow.

I will probably see and/or hang out with these people again, so I would say that is a win. Good job, S! You are a rockstar (for more reasons than just this, obviously, but today I celebrate you especially for this).

Be like S, people. Connect people who may be drifting alone in the lonely sea of a big move in a new city. Remind them that they have something awesome in common: you.

Friday night melancholy

I am having a hard time figuring out what to blog about tonight. Mostly because I am dealing with some intensely personal and strong feelings, which kind of override my desire to be pithy and fun.

The short version is that there is so much about my move and my new life that is delightful beyond my wildest imaginings, but there is also so much that is different that I didn’t expect–mainly dealing with how little I’ll actually be able to see my daughter now.

The long version I wrote about in my paper journal. 🙂

Add to all of that the fact that I am overwhelmed by work right now, and it doesn’t make for a good recipe for blogging. The good news is that I have made a dent (though small) in some of my work load. But it’s as the old saying goes: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I am just taking work one bite at a time.

I also have errands to run tomorrow, like going to the grocery store and returning something to Target (because it’s broken, sigh), and other things. Also, I need to find a pair of ankle boots and a good windbreaker and a Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas, I am super excited that I have an actual fireplace to hang my stockings by this year. First time ever!

Tired. And also: John Green.

I am tired. Tired, tired, tired, tired. I am also ready for this semester to be over (6 more weeks!) because my brain is fried.

I have so much grading to do. Soooooo much.


There’s a million things I haven’t done. (source)

What I’m saying is it’s a lot.

And that picture is an almost scarily accurate representation of both my desk at work and my kitchen counter.

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X is for x #AtoZChallenge

aka xxxxx

aka crossing things off the to-do list

aka I am officially done grading because I entered ALL the grades for ALL my classes

aka no more grading until fall

It’s handled.

aka I just turned off/deleted all the various alarms on my phone (get up for work, go to class, end class, stop working, go to bed)


Blogging from A to Z is a challenge that runs through the month of April.

For the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year, my theme is gratitude. Every day, I am going to post about something I am grateful for. Tune in tomorrow to see what I pick for Y.

Friday Night Fun Times

It’s Friday night, and I spent most of it grading as I usually do.

me every Friday,  basically (source)

me every Friday, basically (source)

Because of course I didn’t manage to grade more than a paper or two during the week.

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It’s Monday & last week is a total blur

I genuinely have no idea what I did this past week. Seriously. I looked at my calendar and everything, and I have zero clue what I did. Probably because all I did was grade.

I don't drink, so this really must be the only explanation. (source)

I don’t drink, so this really must be the only explanation. (source)

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A Practice of Gratitude: Three Things Thursday

I saw this link up posted in one of the comments on a post of Ally’s, and since I was on my third mini-breakdown of the week that day, I figured it might be a good thing for me to participate.

Three Things Thursday

More info at Nerd in the Brain

Here are three things I’m grateful for this week, all work-related:

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