Mondays wear me out #SOL18

I got home from work today, ate dinner, and then took a nap. I’ve learned over time that setting my alarm for a half-hour or less definitely means I’ll sleep way over the time I  planned. Therefore, I set my alarm for an hour and a half because, usually, when I do that, I wake up after about a half-hour or so.

Can you guess what happened next?

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Lists people are happier #SOL18

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself at night, so I just go to bed. I think tonight is one of those nights. I did a lot today, so I’m going to post my to-do list of items completed, but I’m sure I’m going to leave some stuff off.

to do list

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Adventures in Moviegoing: A Wrinkle in Time #SOL18

I just got back from seeing A Wrinkle in Time, which I enjoyed very much. Or as Mrs. Who would say:

Daaaaaang. — Tyler, American

Before I get into my mini-review and to keep this slice of life-y, I had an adventure at the kiosk when I got to the movies. First, the one machine’s touchscreen was all wonky and I could tap some things but not others. Then, the next two machines were out of printer paper. Plus, when I swiped my MoviePass, it didn’t work. After I had finally given up and gotten into the regular line, I remembered that I hadn’t checked into the theater, and that’s why my pass wasn’t working. So I checked in, went to a working kiosk, and finally got my tickets and right on time for the show.

(I normally would go through the regular line because I do not believe in self check-outs. However, since I hadn’t been to that theater with my MoviePass before, I wanted to swipe it on my own first to see what would happen. This is just who I am.)

A Wrinkle in Time

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I hate driving on the highway in LA #SOL18

Okay, so I got my car in January, which means I have officially been driving the mean streets of LA for two solid months, so clearly I have opinions.

Driving in LA is terrible, btw. I mean, yeah, sure, traffic but that’s not even the worst of it (it might be the worst of it–I don’t have to commute to work), but I have some ideas why the traffic is so bad, and it’s not just the volume of people/cars on the roads.

So, yes, I hate driving in LA. Here’s why:

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Horf, or how to maturely handle eating a food item you hate #SOL18

We were provided with a box lunch today at work. When I bit into my turkey sandwich (bread removed, of course), I stood up and frantically kind of walked in circles before spitting the bite out into the box.


There was MAYONNAISE ON MY SANDWICH. I horfed. And then felt bad for not spitting into a napkin, but I couldn’t find one and I needed that nastiness out of my mouth right away.


I really tried to be an adult about it is what I’m saying.

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Adventures in Grocery Shopping #SOL18

Okay, in an effort to get back on my slice of life blogging schedule (and to procrastinate from grading), I am going to talk about my grocery shopping trip on Monday.

Regular readers will know that I’m on an elimination diet to figure out the cause of my stomach issues. Part of my overall crabbiness and meh days has also been linked to my diet–mostly because I have had to pretty much overhaul the entire thing, and every single food I usually eat (including most fruits and vegetables) is on the no-no list. So it has been a big adjustment.

Right, so, the other day I almost had a meltdown because I wanted toast and the grocery store I usually go to never has the bread on my yes list in stock. On Monday, I decided to be proactive instead of reactive and to look up the bread online because I know that most of those specialty foods/products have a “where to buy” link on their website. My hunch was right, so I discovered that the bigger Target had the bread in stock. So off to Target I went.

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Good morning! #SOL18

Except it’s not morning. I know that. See, what had happened was I got home from work around 2:45 p.m. and promptly fell out and didn’t wake up until 8 p.m.

Your girl was exhausted is what I’m saying.

Or, as I told my students today, I only got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night because I make terrible choices.

But! Not that many terrible choices. For example, after the experience with the extreme loudness of the welding class, I asked my boss for a room change. Turns out there’s only one other room available at the time AND it can fit my class, so on Monday, we’re out of loud town and into a room with computers, which will be great for the days I couldn’t book the lab for that class. So that’s pretty great.

Tomorrow, we’re having a flex day, which is a fancy way of saying a professional development day so no classes but plenty of work. Will I wind up pretending to take notes yet actually writing a blog post? We shall see!

I feel boring right now. Probably because of the sleep fog.

Slice of Life Challenge
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Water aerobics got me out here jammin’ #SOL18

In my last post, I said I didn’t know why I was in a meh mood, but that wasn’t entirely true. It was mostly because my daughter called me earlier that day and said she wasn’t coming to visit during spring break, and I was disappointed. And it definitely wasn’t Daylight Saving Time. I love DST! THIS IS MY TIME.

Anyway, I’m obviously in a better mood today.

I finally went back to the gym after missing for travel and being sick, and I just want to say how much I enjoy the Tuesday night water aerobics class. First of all, it has music. Second of all, the instructor matches the music to the exercise. Third of all, all of the music is fun, so it’s just a magical time all around.

water aerobics
I look nothing like this while doing water aerobics (source)

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Meh #SOL18

I don’t know what to post about today, probably because I had a bit of a nothing day. Still, though, I feel like I’ve hit a wall.

Today, I woke up, showered, ate breakfast, checked email, did a little course prep, took a nap, set up my gradebook (finally), had a snack, and now I’m just kind of twiddling my thumbs. I don’t know why because I have plenty to do to prep for the week AND I’m going to get a ton of grading tomorrow AND I’m behind on Canvas grading. But I just am where I am, I guess.


To end this on an up note, I am glad I set up my gradebook. Last semester, I used the provided attendance printout and just felt out of sorts all semester because everything was all scattered and not in one place. So I feel so much better knowing that all of my students’ information is neatly tucked in the pages of my gradebook. Whew.

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California Acceleration Project, Day 3 #SOL18

So the key takeaway from the conference was this:

hard things are hard

I suggested we just put those words up on a PowerPoint slide when we talk to the department about the changes ahead.

Hard things are hard.

Just those words and nothing else. Do you think it would work? I don’t know.

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