Conversations with My Daughter Vol. 1 #sol17

My daughter got into her dream school, and today was Admitted Students Day.

This morning as she was getting ready, she asked me about her outfit choice. I told her it was fine but asked if she really wanted to wear a skirt.

Me: We’ll be doing a lot of walking. You might be uncomfortable.

Her: Skirts are way more comfortable for walking than pants.

Me: Oh, that’s right. I forgot your thighs don’t rub together.

The best part was that the VERY IDEA was so foreign to her that she asked a lot of follow up questions, which meant I had to explain chafing and ways to prevent it to her.

I think she also understood then why I was wearing leggings under my dress.

As for the leggings, I got a lot of compliments on them (they’re cute!) but my daughter said that because of the cut of my dress, I looked like I had skipped leg day at the gym.

Slice of Life is a writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

Slice of Life is a writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.




  1. djvichos

    This is a priceless conversation and a good lesson for all girls. It seems like you and your daughter have open discussions and a great relationship. The last line is really funny πŸ™‚


  2. Terje

    Interesting conversation. Great that you and your daughter can have conversations on these kind of topics. Wonderful that you received compliments.


  3. jennieb

    Too funny! I can’t imagine skirts being more comfortable than pants for walking. I guess that’s because I can’t remember a time when my thighs didn’t chafe.


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