“I was a professional amateur DJ.”

I’m supposed to be writing up my yearly self-evaluation, so now seems as good time as any to write a blog post.


So dumb. So cute. (via)

So dumb. So cute. (via)


1. I continue to be in love with The Good Place. Jason Mendoza is the dumbest person alive (well, dead), and I may love him for it. Also, he died in the most Florida Man way possible. I mean, seriously. I can see the headline (highlight to read because spoilers): Florida Man Suffocates to Death in Failed Robbery Attempt. I laughed, but also: Jason. Seriously.

So much props to the writers/music people for using *NSYNC’s “Digital Get Down” at the end of the previous episode, btw. Perfection.


Swing Time by Zadie Smith


2. I abandoned Swing Time by Zadie Smith for the time being. It was just taking too long to get going. I did, however, put the audiobook on hold because I think the narrative might be better suited to that form for me. I am interested. It’s just not keeping my attention.


Giant Days, Vol. 2 by John Allison


3. I just started Giant Days by John Allison after trying–and failing–to get into Black Panther (yes, the Ta-Nehisi Coates one). I am also having trouble gaining traction on any novels, so a graphic one seems like the best way to go. Anyway, Giant Days does what I love: regular teens/young adults doing regular things. It’s also told in episodic vignettes, which is a thing I dig.


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen


4. My daughter has been after me to read Water for Elephants since last year (so dramatic! Last year = November). So that’s currently all up in my eardrums (translation: audiobook). No surprises here but I totally prefer old Jake to young Jake. What can I say? Old people and teenagers are my favorites.

5. Oh, so this is a thing that has happened: I checked out this book from the library, lost it, found it, and promptly lost it again. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. I know it is in my house somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where it can be. ESPECIALLY since I brought in with all the other library books and have those in a neat stack. Where did it disappear to? How? My mistake was not immediately returning it to the library when I found it and instead thinking I could actually read it. Because it’s not like I would lose it again or anything. UGH. WORST.


Women's March


6. I officially decided yesterday that I’m going to the Women’s March. Not the local one, but the big one in D.C. The past two days subsequently have been a whirlwind of ordering stuff off of Amazon in preparation (God bless Amazon Prime, seriously). Most importantly, I couldn’t find a proper jacket in town (which is dumb because it actually gets cold here–I’m talking below 32˚ each winter), but whatever. I have one now. Also, I wish I had decided in time to buy my metro card in advance. Bah.

Now I just need to figure out what books I’m going to listen to on the loooooooong bus ride there. Cross your fingers/pray/wish/hope/dream that it doesn’t rain that day. Sunshine would also be pretty awesome.

7. All these grown-up books means I’m linking up with The Book Date this week. Happy reading, everyone!



  1. Sharlene

    Ugh. The lost library book!! When that happens to me it tends to be under something. Or worse when one of my kids puts a library book on the shelf of our own books and then can’t remember which shelf it is!!

    But yay Giant Days is such a fun read.


  2. Jenny @ Reading the End

    If it helps, I was quite bored and close to quitting Swing Time about a third of the way through, and when I got to the halfway point, I was engaged enough to keep reading. It still wasn’t my best-ever read — I’ve had to accept that Zadie Smith isn’t the author for me — but the plot got going enough.

    ALSO. The Good Place is a wonderful show that makes me feel calm and happy every week. Really quite an achievement in the current political climate. I love everyone in it.


  3. Christy

    I love the Good Place! I wasn’t a fan of Water for Elephants at all. That was such a popular book though when it was first published. Safe travels to the Women’s March! I live in the D.C. suburbs so I am planning to go as well, but I’m super impressed by all the people coming from a distance to make it!


    • Akilah

      So glad you’re going as well. These are the moments when I miss living in the DC area, for sure.

      To be honest, I’m ready for Water for Elephants to be over. It’s dragging just a little bit. I may feel this way because I want them to get to the prologue (and this is why I hate those types of prologues!).


  4. Katy K.

    I so hear you on the lost library book! I had one that my son was reading and that had been lost for over a year turn up this summer, mixed in with my daughter’s picture books. Which shelf I would swear I had searched when it first went missing, even though it had no business being in her room.

    Safe travels to you and thank you for going on the march. I can’t even go to the local one because of taking Girl Scouts camping – a worthy cause, but I wish I could be two places at once.


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