2010 Wrap Up

I am spamming. I know. But I have to get everything done before midnight.

This year, I read 74 books and participated in three challenges. According to GoodReads, I rated the following books with five stars:

I signed up for three reading challenges: Women Unbound, POC Challenge, and the YA Reading Challenge.

I more than completed Women Unbound and POC. In fact, I really should’ve bumped up to the next level on POC. Women Unbound was a lot of fun because I totally read books I had intended to read but probably would’ve put off a little longer. So that challenge gave me an excuse to get my butt in gear. As for POC, I don’t think it really changed my reading so much as made me aware of how many books about POC I actually read. I kind of low-balled it, so next time I’ll go for the higher limit.

As for the YA Challenge, considering I didn’t even read 75 books, I think it’s fair to say I didn’t complete the challenge. Shocking is that I didn’t even read 50 YA books. Huh. But that’s okay! Maybe I just am expanding my reading horizons? I don’t even know.

Anyway, next year is a new year with new challenges. Forthcoming post with my sign ups for the next year.

Happy New Year, everybody!



  1. Ari

    This year I’m going to try and keep track of all the books I read in 2011 because I have no idea how much I’m capable of (or how badly I fail). I think it’s good that you didn’t read 75 YA books, I worry that I’m limiting myself by mostly reading YA. But I figure in college I’ll probably read a lot more classics and contemporary adult fiction. But this year I’m trying to read one classic a month.

    You rate much much harsher than I do! Only 8 five-star books. Wow I’m pretty sure I have like 50 5-star books this year. Well maybe not 5o but defnitely single digits 😉

    Thank you for joining the poc reading challenge and for signing up to join again in 2011!


    • Akilah

      Well, I think I gave more higher ratings years ago. Also I read less books than usual. PLUS, some of the books I gave four starts to, I really liked, but didn’t looooove. So mostly I just five starred books that hit me in the gut as freaking awesome during that first read.

      The POC challenge was fun! I really enjoyed reading other people’s reviews and learning about some books I didn’t know about.  So thanks for being one of the hosts.


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